Iversen Originals




1981 Today I found a ’32 body buried in an abandoned junkyard. I thought I saw a ’32 qtr panel and started digging,quite a treasure hunt. I salvaged the qtr. panels, cowl and floorpans. Not sure what I’ll do with the parts but can always use them for patch and repairs on future projects.

2002 Went to the Big 3 Swap in San Diego and found a decent trunk lid for a ’32. Maybe I can put together something with the parts I dug up at the junkyard.

2003 Had good luck today at the L.A. Roadster show and happened on a deal for some ’32 5-window doors. I was thinking of making the car into a Cabriolet but a coupe could be fun.

2004 In 20+ years I haven’t run across a roof available for a ’32 Ford coupe so I decided to salvage a ’32 Chevy 4 door sedan roof. I knew there was a Chevy parted out on the cattle ranch I grew up on in South Dakota,so I went to work on that. I’ll haul it back to San Diego.

2005 Been working hard on the ’32 5-window. By the time I had the roof fitting properly I had it cut into about 30 pieces. It’s been shortened and chopped. I’m two months into the project and I can finally see the look I was after. I’ve got the car chopped 5″ lower than stock and the wheel openings in the qtr. panels have been moved up 2″.

Had a great call from someone who was interested in building a ’32 and was thinking about fiberglass. He came over to see the build I had going and decided to buy this one. I’m now completing the project for him.

Update:This ’32 Five Window is complete and now lives in Canada. Congratulations!


Sitting on a Duece steel frame

 327 Chevy engine with 700 R4 transmission

Winters 9″ rear end

Aluminum SuperBell front end

Floor pans are about completed and we’ll be mounting the steering column-lots left to do!