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Record Run El Mirage June,2008

…On a Naked Knuckle!

(naked: no fairing or streamlining)

145.222 A-VG 1350cc


Special thanks to Keenan at Tatro Machine for the precision machining in building the engine. Thanks for keeping Dave busy until 2 AM, he generally just wasted that time sleeping!


Virgin run with the Knuckle was at El Mirage in So. Cal, May 16 & 17 ’08

Top Speed of three runs 134.628 (on a 139.925 record) 05/08

Record set @ El Mirage  145.222 mph. 06/08

El Mirage meet in July was canceled due to rain.

Bonneville Speed Week ’08

In the first couple days of the meet, Dave was able to qualify and then back-up his run in the APS-VG class for a record of 135.438. We planned to take the rest of the week to try and up the speed closer to the 145mph at El Mirage.

Bright and early on day four, the motor blew to bits on a 135+ pass…we were done. We didn’t bring my bike to Speed Week.

Pictures are posted

. Dave is re-building and hopes to run the last meet at El Mirage in November, a slight possibilty it will be done by the October meet.

June 2009

Rebuilding the knuck has begun. Collecting parts, deciding what direction to take it, and lack of free time have delayed the project until now. The cases are being machined, pistons ordered and general overhaul has been keeping Dave up late.

The first race in ’09 will probably be the July meet at El Mirage.

A-VG / Vintage Gas Class / 1350cc

Bike design, fabrication and build: Dave Iversen