Iversen Originals



This frame design began when Dave acquired his 32′ Ford roadster project. There are 100’s of 32′ roadster’s being built due to the reproduction of the body’s in fiberglass or steel and Dave wanted his to stand out in a crowd. He visualized the car with a super low stance but wanted to retain the traditional drop axle suspension and front frame horns. Having already designed and fabricated a one-of-a kind frame for his 34′ Ford 3 window, he knew where to start.

To give this 32′ a low stance the frame rails would require some modifications. Dave made patterns for the rails in several different configurations until he was satisfied. The final design was cut from 1/8″ steel plate and welded together to make new front frame rails that would replace the original from the firewall forward. He also fabricated a front cross member that was 3″ narrower than stock.
With the new front section in place, a new rear frame section was designed. To make more rear end and tire clearance this section was designed to narrow and raise the rails. Once Dave had the fabrication done , like the front, he welded them to what was left of the original rear frame rails. Only the outer section of the frame rails, between the rear wheel well and the firewall, remained stock.

When the front and rear frame rails were in place, new X bracing and boxing plates were put in to tie it all together. The motor and transmission mounts, steering box mount, and 4 bar mounts were also added to complete the build. Dave’s version of Henry’s 32′ frame is 3″ longer and narrower in the front and 4″ narrower in the rear. It also allows the car to sit as much as 3″ lower than it would on a stock frame.

When Dave’s roadster made it’s first trip to the L.A. Roadster show in 2001, it stood out from the crowd in a subtle way. Comments were very positive on the look-but few could tell what made it different. The modifications are many in number but this 32′ Ford roadster hasn’t lost any of it’s heritage or vintage appeal.

Dave’s design and fabrication of this frame became the prototype. With tooling completed in 2003 the frame is now being produced and offered by Deuce Steel. If you’re looking for the added touch of a unique frame, it will work on any 32′ body with only minor modifications to the floor pans. Dave has completed a 32′ 5 window using this frame and is currently working on another. To get a closer look at Dave’s roadster and the 32′ 5 window you can find them at the L.A. Roadster show in 2005.