Iversen Originals



In the late 1980’s Dave happened on a real estate listing for an old lumberyard in Sturgis, SD. The enormous space would allow Dave ample room his collection of car and motorcycle memorabilia not to mention workshop space. To help finance the property Dave came up with the idea of using some of that space as a motorcycle museum but that alone wouldn’t generate much of an income. With the museum idea firmly in place he put in an element unique to a museum—he added a bar. Months of reconstruction, paperwork and a prayer led to the opening of the Broken Spoke Saloon during the 1988 annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races.

Dave’s idea was an immediate success. With the large open front doorway motorcycles were allowed to drive through the bar itself and park inside. Vendor spaces were created along the back and side walls that offered tattooing, mechanic repairs and food. Most available free space, high and low, was used for display. The small stage offered live music most afternoons and evenings. The graphics and Broken Spoke logo were printed on the typical black Tee and generally sold out. To an outsider the bar looked to be about 2 weeks worth of work a year but in reality it consumed full time attention by the early 90’s.

With a passion for designing and building vehicles, Dave had very little time left to fulfill this dream. He made the decision to sell the Broken Spoke in 1995 to current owners Jay and Claudia Alien. They have taken the dream of a small bar museum from one location in Sturgis.SD and built it into an empire. Permanent homes of the Spoke are now located in Laconia, NH. Daytona Beach, Fla. and Myrtle Beach, SC. as well as a presence at motorcycling events around the world. The love of collecting is in Jay’s blood as well and the museum part of the Broken spoke is astounding. You will find a custom V-8 motorcycle sharing space with 1920 original Harley. There is beer to be had in lots of spots in Sturgis during the rally but Dave’s original bar and museum is the most unique.